Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life

#336 – Everything’s Coming Up Rosey

May 19, 2021 Kyle M Case & Lil Barron Episode 336
Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life
#336 – Everything’s Coming Up Rosey
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Huntsman World Senior Games Director of Sports, John "Rosey" Rosander is the featured guest on today's show. He's set a goal for himself to compete in 30 sports in 30 years at the Games and he is well on his way. Listen to the challenges, high jinks and even inspiration, as Rosey talks about his experiences of competing in a variety of different sports every October at the Games.

Kyle and Lil share a bit about oral health as well. Check it out. 

Kyle Case  0:08  
Hello and welcome to the husband world Senior Games active life. My name is Kyle Case and I'll be your host on this amazing journey as we attempt to help you get the most out of your life. Joining me in our studio today is my co pilot lil Baron. Hey, Kyle. How are you today? I am doing good. I'm doing good today, Lil. Okay, I want to do something that, to my recollection in my memory. I don't know that we have ever done. Okay, over 300 shows. Okay, and we have never talked about this subject yet. I'm kind of at least at least as far as I know. I don't remember talking about it. Okay, ready? Do you want to guess? No. Okay. I don't blame you. Because there's plenty. There's plenty that we maybe haven't covered. It's your teeth. Oh. So again, I don't remember doing anything about teeth. But you know, the your dental. We haven't seen him for a while. It's true. They have been behind masks. That is that is for sure. But I found this article. In eating well, it caught my eye. It's called four ways beyond brushing your teeth to keep your teeth healthy. Okay, so I mean, obviously brush your teeth, and easy one but Riaan brushing your teeth. That's what caught my eye. Okay, it's written by Karen ancel, who's a registered dietitian. Listen to this. This is interesting. Hey, the American Dental Association says that nearly 1/3 of US adults are dissatisfied with their oral health. Oh, so I guess we don't right not happy with it, or at least a third of us right pain and discomfort from cavities, grinding your teeth, receding gums, bad breath. All of this takes a toll on nearly every aspect of our lives. oral health is essential for our well being says Benjamin W. Chaffee, who is a dentist and Associate Professor at the UCSF School of Dentistry. In San Francisco. He notes that our mouth our windows into the health of our entire bodies. And I've heard that before like saying things that you don't think eyes, your eyes are also windows. Your eyes are also windows. But there's a lot that's connected to your eye that you don't really think about. So that was interesting to me, for example, your oral health can be an indicator of other conditions like diabetes. So there's a lot of stuff that's going on in your mouth. They also allow us to express ourselves our TPR our oral health allows us to eat nutritious food. And regular brushing and flossing is great. Don't stop doing that. Keep doing that. But it may not be enough. So you might want to add these simple strategies to your daily routine. Okay, there's only four of them that I haven't touched on very briefly, and not all of them are gonna apply to you. But the first one that they recommend is to cut out the E cigarettes. Okay, that's easy to do.

No vaping well, vaping they say can be potentially although there's studies out there, they don't really know for sure, but they say that it can be less dangerous for oral health than smoking. E cigarettes still deliver toxins like nicotine that can reduce blood flow and impair the gums natural healing process. Again, that's according to Chaffee. A recent study by University of Connecticut researchers found that e cigarette users were 76% more likely to develop gum disease, and 67% more prone to oral bone loss than people who have never vaped. So you know, we know about the lung thing we know about the heart that we know about a lot of stuff is going on there. But oral health as well. So maybe you want to cut out the E cigarettes if that's something that you're using right now. The next one is opt for fiber. Oh, so this is interesting. I didn't know this. They say you know that 25% of people who have bad breath, which is simple chronic halitosis, we remember that from the TV commercial, right? Allah tells us, a lot of times it's connected to the foods that we do or that we don't eat. And those foods can make a big difference. Small Swiss study found that people who ate a high fiber meal of wheat bread and an Apple had significantly less halitosis for two and a half hours afterwards than those who had a low fiber meal of white bread and applesauce. Oh, so Yeah, true fiber. high fiber foods typically require more chewing. So researchers suspect that you're better able to scrub away stinky bacteria that lingers on to your teeth and tongue. Okay, when you eat more fiber, so there's one here's another one take time to de stress. Oh, now that was one that caught my eye as well. And obviously stressing down is sometimes hard to do. But chilly out can prevent tooth grinding, and jaw clenching. As well as the pain, the headaches and the enamelware that can that can come with that. That's according to a 2019 80 of daytime grinders? Oh, I think a lot of times we think at least I did. I thought that you you do that at night. Nice. Yeah, and that is a thing. But the studies show that there are actually more daytime grinders than nighttime grinders. So if you can reduce your stress, Angelina, our sutan, who was a doctor, a professor as well of behavioral sciences and social medicine at Florida State College says using a journal to note what's going on in your life when you catch yourself clenching or grinding your teeth can help ID what your triggers are, and then you can kind of maybe eliminate those from your life. Here's the last one right, okay. Steve some tea. Oh, so they say sipping unsweetened tea, especially green, black or oolong can be even better than water at washing away cavity causing bacteria. Oh, wow. And again, that's according to a study published in the journal archives of oral biology. They say tea is a natural source of fluoride and contains polyphenols, which are compounds that may inhibit plaque bacteria, as well as their ability to produce acid in the mouth. Wow. So a little bit of tea. This is according to Christine de Christine de Wu, who is a doctor and Professor of Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry. So just four simple things to think about that might be able to keep your chompers healthy. Chewing gum wasn't one of them. It wasn't one of the four. I'm not gonna take a position on chewing gum, good or bad. I don't know. I don't know. But it wasn't one of those. Okay, so anyway, something to think about. Yeah. So Lily, yes. Today's guest I know, one of our very favorites. Yes, he is john Rosie Rosanna, affectionately known as Rosie is our Director of sports here at the husband world Senior Games and has been for how many years Rosie?

Rosey Rosander  6:49  
Well, since 2013. So this will be my eighth year.

Kyle Case  6:53  
You're asking me to do math on air? I don't know. I don't know the answer to that. Let

Rosey Rosander  6:58  
me get my calculator on my phone and figure it out.

Kyle Case  7:02  
So Rosie has been our Director of sports for eight years. And man, we have had a ton of fun and done some amazing things over those past eight years. And we're excited to visit a little bit with Rosie about the games and even better. Today, we're going to talk with Rosie about his own personal experiences as an athlete,

Rosey Rosander  7:21  
oh my gosh,

Kyle Case  7:23  
the World Senior Games.

Rosey Rosander  7:24  
That's a stretch to call me an athlete.

Kyle Case  7:28  
Not true at all. Not true at all. Lots of fun. So So talk about how you got into it. Because you have this this. It's really a self inflicted program. You have this program going on, that I think people will be interested in?

Rosey Rosander  7:42  
Well, it's interesting. So just as a little background, I started volunteering for the Huntsman world Senior Games in 1988. And so I missed the first year

Kyle Case  7:55  
that you've been here every year. And I've

Rosey Rosander  7:57  
I've volunteered every year since. And then when I retired from the city of St. George in 2013. Then I started working here for the, for the games as an employee so that that's my history with the games. But it was interesting back in starting in in 1988, and years following, I was just watching the athletes every year, and then how awesome they were and inspired how inspiring they were on the other hand, being a little competitive, I thought, Well wait till I'm 50 I'm gonna go and beat him up, and I'm gonna go get a medal and data and I just thought, you know, I'm gonna compete so good against

Kyle Case  8:39  
him so hard.

Rosey Rosander  8:40  
Yeah. And, well, that's the interesting part in 2010, I turned 50 and I went and competed. And I did okay. I mean, I, I, I've won a few medals over the years, but I just thought, wow, these guys, they're really good. Yeah, you know, when I was when I was 28, and volunteering, it was a lot different than when I'm 50 and competing against them.

Kyle Case  9:11  
I think I think a lot of people feel that their first time around. And and that's and that's great. You know, that's great. That's a positive to be able to be associating with people who really excel at what they do. It's a lot of fun.

Rosey Rosander  9:22  
Well, it is just an example of it. So my my sport of choice through the years was baseball, I loved baseball, I came to Dixie to play baseball, and that was my, my love and direction. And, and so that was what I watched the closest I went and played a lot of softball tournaments after college and, and, and through my life, but then when I turned, you know, 50 I'm watching them and I'm thought yeah, that's pretty good. And we have a wide range of abilities out there, right? Yeah. Yeah, I mean, there's there's recreational too. I mean, guys that are just almost like semi pros or ex pros. I mean, they're just really good. But I decided to call one of the coaches and just says, Hey, you know, can you do you know, me a favor and

Kyle Case  10:14  
me Pick me.

Rosey Rosander  10:18  
Let me get on your team or I'm gonna kick you out of the game.

Kyle Case  10:22  
A little pull.

Rosey Rosander  10:25  
So anyway, they let me on the team and and I went to a batting practice. And before batting practice was over, I was like, sore and tired, and I could barely walk. And I was like, Man, this is I just was hitting, that's all I was trying to do. And you know, and failed a few balls, but hadn't kept up with the energy and the, you know, the athletic abilities as I should have. But anyway, then I went and played the games, and I didn't even really want to play. They were so good. They were that they were Yeah, I just, I mean, I, I'm watching in my mind, Semi Pro ball out here, just thinking these guys are just awesome out here and look what they can do. And look how fast that guy can run. And look how hard he can throw and, and you know, seeing the shortstop do a you know, flat out dives in the air to the ball and catching it and then come up throwing and, you know, getting somebody I mean, just amazing plays and, and anyway, so the the coach, even when I called him to be on the team, he says, well, is this some type of Make a wish thing you know? But I just was amazed at how good they are. And, and but the fun thing is, as all of the athletes around here is that once they play, they really become friends with people they play with or against. And, and so these guys, I mean, they call me up and say, Hey, we're coming because they're, I mean, they're from up in Oregon. And they'll come down to Nevada, or mesquite or they'll come to St. George. And they'll call me and say, Hey, we're playing in a way you guys can even come down and say hello, I

Kyle Case  12:04  
want to come be our mascot.

Rosey Rosander  12:06  
We don't want you to play. But can you come watch us? We don't have any

Kyle Case  12:09  
open spots. But we'd like to say hi. Yeah.

Rosey Rosander  12:15  
Anyway, so So back in 2010 when I started being of age, and then also I was helping with the games, I thought, you know, I got to participate in in a sport. And so I started for two or three years just doing the sport that I was over, which was the basketball skills and the free throw and hot shot and three point shooting and that and again, I mean, I went a few medals in that. But it was it was fun, it was enjoyable. And I did mine as a demonstration, I would say okay, this is how you do it. And so I had all 100 basketball players sitting in the stands and, and you know, watching and critiquing, so there's a lot of pressure, hardly

Kyle Case  12:57  
any pressure at all to perform.

Rosey Rosander  13:00  
And, anyway, but but then I'd show him how to do it, you know, this is what you do and how you're supposed to do it anyway. And then, and then, you know, I have questions and so forth to help with the demonstration. But that that was kind of fun. But then in 2013 when I got hired, I thought God, I really had to do some different sports and out a little bit one I should learn about the sport. That's one phase of it, too. I should get to know the people that are in the sports, the athletes, but I also should kind of evaluate the directors a little bit by being in the sports. I mean, that all comes together and and. And so I've just started playing and in some different ones and competing and some different ones. And the first one I chose was shuffleboard which was easier, physically. But the reason I chose it is because I wanted to do something with my wife. And, and so when she when she was 50 then she says, Hey, we got to do something together. And so we did we did shuffleboard and she didn't want to play softball. No, no. Now she she has played some sports. I mean, she played High School volleyball, basketball, softball, so she's played a little bit of sport but but she doesn't want to do that now that shuffleboard is a great thing.

Lil Barron  14:20  

Rosey Rosander  14:21  
It's there and and both of us one individual medals and one a team medal and we had fun with it. In fact, the next year we got all of her brothers and sisters. And their spouses came down and they competed. And yeah, it was it was a fun family little family reunion

Kyle Case  14:38  
type thing. It was great.

Rosey Rosander  14:40  
right but but then I just got taken well. Should I had to do something different. So I came up with I'm gonna do 30 sports in 30 years. Wow. And so every year I pick a different sport. I try to train for that sport, and then compete in that sport and And so

Kyle Case  15:01  
I'm just gonna say it right now. I can't wait until you're playing women's soccer.

Rosey Rosander  15:05  
Well, that's that's the last one would be my favorite. Yeah. Yeah. And and hopefully, hopefully I can play men's soccer before then and get the soccer crossed off.

Kyle Case  15:18  
Okay, that's fair enough. Fair enough. But,

Rosey Rosander  15:20  
you know, so I got to tell you that one of the hardest ones that I've done is swimming. And, and the problem I have with swimming is I'm allergic to chlorine. So every day I would go and I would exercise and do some swimming. And I would come out with my nose running and my eyes are red and, and it just, it just was one of those things I just didn't want to do. But I lost a bet. So I had to do and, and my daughter was swimming for the high school. And it was her senior year. She had never won or beat anybody in swimming. She'd been competing for three years in high school school or two years, her 10th 11th grade and had never beat anybody. And so I thought, well, you know, she's never gonna beat anybody save bad. Yeah. So I said, Listen, if you could just be one person, I will go compete with him in the games, right? Yeah. And so she worked really hard her senior year. And our very first competition was over at sand hollow swimming pool. She won her. Her time's up her hate Yeah, she beat her heat. She wasn't actually

Kyle Case  16:35  
the whole he's just been one person. She knows she needs

Rosey Rosander  16:38  
seven people. She really

Kyle Case  16:39  

Rosey Rosander  16:40  
to compete and swim, jumped out of the pool and pointed at me and says, haha, dad. So I had to do that one. But it actually kind of changed my mind frame of what I should do next, because I thought, you know, I got to do these hard ones first.

Kyle Case  16:55  
I get them out of the way,

Rosey Rosander  16:56  
yeah, I gotta get them out of the way. Right, exactly. Because as I get older, it's gonna get more and more difficult. So, so then I decided, Well, I better do mountain biking and cycling, because those are pretty hard.

Kyle Case  17:11  
Well, and again, depending on the situation in the scenario, they can be hard on your body if you go down. Yeah, sure. So

Rosey Rosander  17:18  
well, mountain biking. I did the downhill race, which is very dangerous. And I I did dress for the occasion. I had my football pad. I went and bought at the DI and I got a football helmet on and, and I had knee pads and show and arm pay elbow pads and I was really padded up for this thing. And luckily, I only fell one

Kyle Case  17:45  
that is lucky .

Rosey Rosander  17:48  
There is no there's no video.

Kyle Case  17:49  
I have seen a photograph though.

Rosey Rosander  17:54  
Yeah, so that was probably that was the scariest one that would really was the scariest one that I've done. And, and, and then probably the one of the, the, I guess the the the more mind over body type of ones was last year which our games were canceled. Yeah. And I'd had a goal to do our marathon and or half marathon. And, and I was thinking okay, and I'll do the St. George marathon then and then they canceled and so me and my son and daughter decided okay, we're just gonna do it anyway. Even though nobody's out there timing us where we weren't gonna win anything. We're just gonna go and finish the St. George marathon. So we went up there and started up in what is a Brookside of central and and and walked all the way down I didn't run my kids ran but I didn't run and and and that just was really tough. I really know now what they say you hit the wall the wall even though I wasn't running. I hit the wall that

Kyle Case  19:01  
was it. What let me just ask this was it at Veyo pies where you hit the wall?

Rosey Rosander  19:05  
Well, that was the first of all that was that was the wall of bathroom. Okay.

Kyle Case  19:12  
A little pie break. Yeah.

Rosey Rosander  19:15  
That's actually my kids walked with me to the Veyo store and we all went in and went to the bathroom and came out and they said Dad, we can't you're on your own we're running out here. And so they they ran most of the way down from there but I walked by myself listen to my my podcasts and just kept going and but you know that they talked about like 20 somewhere between 18 and 20 miles you hit a wall and and I did there right around that legacy bridge. I just did not want to go anymore. I was I was done and I just thought well I got to go a little further because my phone had died. Again, nobody around there I there's no one to call to pick me up or to help me out. And I kept thinking, Well, okay, my, my wife and daughter in law were going up and down, given us some relief, some little protein bars and cold water and different stuff. And I thought, well, they're gonna come back. Well, I got down to check, a Wallah. And one idle the bathroom again. But two, they hadn't come. They hadn't come to get me or help me or give me anything. And so, my again, my phone's dead. So I go in there and and when I came out, or I should say, tried to get off of the, the blue. Yeah, let's just say that whatever we call it. Anyway, I couldn't get up. I'm like pulling the handicap bars to get up and stand up. And then I just kind of stood there for a minute, and thought, Okay, I think I can do this. And so then just really was struggling trying to get some steps going and, and by the time I got from there to down down the road, just, you know, a few, maybe 50 feet, I started walking a little bit better. But then I decided, well, I can't stop. Yeah, and I won. I don't know when to take me up to I'm almost there. It's just it's so close. And so I finished and got done. And everything was great until I took off my shoes. But until then, everything was was good. And took off my socks. And they were a little colored. And he had some blister my thing Well, my toenails were not on my my toenails were bad on both of my feet. So I, I they still are it's it's what

Kyle Case  21:40  
a little tender.

Rosey Rosander  21:41  
Well, it's been about six, seven months. And they're they're about three quarters grown back. So they're they're coming back now.

Kyle Case  21:49  
Rosie, that's, that's amazing. And congratulations. And, you know, obviously I know we talked about that after that, and what an experience it was. And like you said, it's just mind over matter at that point. It's not like you're physically, you don't feel physically able to go and you know, so many of our athletes experienced that in one way or another whether it's, you know, right there on the field of competition, or it's just life in general. And yet, somehow we see and feel that inspiration as they as they overcome. We've only got about one minute left. Rosie, I'm wondering, you've done how many sports now? Is it? Five, six? Well, I've done 10 sport 10 sports. Okay, so yeah, 20 to go. What's the biggest lesson you've learned 10 sports, biggest lesson you've learned? Well, I've

Rosey Rosander  22:32  
learned that the athletes are really good. And I've learned that it takes a lot to get ready for a sport. And I haven't gone into I in the beginning, I kind of went into it for metal. And I realized that, you know, I'm not as good as I thought I was.

Kyle Case  22:50  
That's the journey.

Rosey Rosander  22:52  
That's the journey, but kind of like the marathon. It doesn't matter how fast you go. If you complete it and tell people you complete it. That's a big deal. And you know, when I told people that I did a marathon, well, wow, how fast? You know, how long did it take us as well? took me about nine hours. I mean, think about it. Here's a guy over there on the other corner saying he did it in two and a half hours. That's not that much time. I mean, you think about the nine hours is a lot harder than two and a half hours, for sure.

Lil Barron  23:27  
I love how you think

Rosey Rosander  23:29  
I was able to stop and take a few pictures along the way he couldn't stop and take a picture and enjoy it.

Lil Barron  23:35  
Well, my question is, what's next? Well, rugby

Rosey Rosander  23:41  
I've actually been thinking of that that what's the so I it's like What's the hardest sport left that I haven't done? And, and so I kind of thought rugby rugby is one of them. trail running is is a tough one for me to try. athalon is going to be a tough one for me. And those are kind of the ones I've been thinking of square dancing to because my wife could do it I thought but I thought that we went and scored it is harder than you Oh yeah. It is hard. It is really hard to to do correctly. But But I think probably it's gonna come down to probably trail running or rugby is the ones that I'm thinking they're gonna be the toughest on my body to try to do.

Kyle Case  24:22  
Well, Rosie best and last. Yeah, we'll be cheering you on. Yes, we will on the sidelines, at least for the time being wear your helmet.

Rosey Rosander  24:30  
I do rugby I might be wearing that football gear again.

Kyle Case  24:35  
There will be video. Well thank you for joining us and best of luck in the upcoming sports. And as the games are ramping up and getting ready to go, we're excited.

Rosey Rosander  24:43  
Well, thank you. Thank you for having me on the show. And I hope my oral health is well. My data says oh, I'm just gonna I'm

Kyle Case  24:51  
just gonna say maybe a little more fiber. We got to wrap things up here. Let me just say Remember to tune in live next and everything Thursday at 5:30pm Mountain Time on am 1450 or Fm 93.1 for the Huntsman world Senior Games act of life and you can check this out on our podcast as well. All of our shows are available at Senior Games dotnet which is also where you can register for this year's event and be like Rosie Yeah, competing in the sport. Just to wrap it up with today's inspirational thought Rosie or excuse me, Lil. Um, well, you're ready for this. I am this good from the great Zig Ziglar Okay, he says if you're not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you're determined to learn, no one can stop you. Until next Thursday. stay active.

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